Pata creates brand through exhibition fair, public relations through several media that are efficient in communication with our target customers and adheres to participation with various significant activities. This is a strategy, making the brand well known as Pata. Brand creation of Pata divides group of public relations and activities into two groups as follows:

Objective is to broadly focus on public relations groups in television, radio, journal,e-commerce through, and leading magazines for women.

SMEs Chee Chong Rouy, Channel 11
Make Money Channel 5
UBC 7 Smart SMEs
TTV Nation Channel
Make Money Magazine
Cha Ruk Wai Nai Phan Din Program, Channel 5
Sapa Yarm Chao Rim Chao-Phraya Program
Sponsoring ornaments for news reporters of ITV
Sen Tang Sretthee
Inside Franchise Magazine
S+M (Strategy+Maketing) Magazine
Franchise directory Magazine
The Power Network
Okas Turakij and Franchise
Prachachat Turakij
Post Today
Bangkok Today
Krungthep Turakij
Thai Post
Franchise Directory
Job Request
FM 89.5, SME Ku Chat Program
FM 90.5 Kaaw Tan Turakij Program
FM 96.5, Su Tor Pai Program
FM 96.5, Modern Bussiness Program
FM 101.5
FM 102.5, Sumret Program

The objective is to have public relation for the brand Pata Jewelcloning with highest efficiency in small group, in dept, and in target area. Localized marketing is, such as, grand opening, launching promotion with agent shops on various festivals, direct mail, postcard marketing, leaflets. And others, including product exhibitions in the past such as Business Opportunity of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, Direct Expo of Siamturakij, Franchise Opportunity of Franchise Focus, Shin Fun Fair of Shinawatra, Business Money of Krungthep Turakij, Roum Jai Kong Toon Fair of Siam Commercial Bank, Su Raew Rouy Fair of Kantana, Thailand SMEs Expo of Ministry of Commerce, Thailand Expo of Shinawatra Group, Road Show of Department of Business Development along big cities throughout the country such Chaingmai, Nakornrachasima, Pattaya, Hadyai, Ayudthaya, Bangkok, World Movie Festifal of Bangkok Film, Pattaya Extreme Fair, promotions at several department stores like The Mall, Central, Lotus, Bic C, and Carrefour, OTOP-SME-BOI Made in Thailand, Franchise Thailand @ Bangkok at Department of Export Promotion, Laew Na Lae Lung fJak Rak Ya su Rak Kaew Fair, China Asian Expo 2004 in Nanming, China, Franchising China 2004 Shanghai, China.